Tea and Coffee Jars

Keep your morning drinks fresh with Tea, Coffee and Sugar Jars!

Dispose of those half opened packets and have a fresh tasting cuppa by using tea, coffee and sugar jars!
Cube Homewares offer a great way to store and keep tea and coffee fresh. Just take a look at our full product range listed above.

Why not dispose of those half open packets that can easily split open, spilling coffee granules and sugar all over the floor by using a coffee & sugar jar.

Take a look at our range of vintage storage containers available in a choice of retro colours.

The Old School Storage range offer a great coffee, sugar and tea tin set, available in a choice of vintage colours.

Keep your tea bags fresh by using a tea tin or your coffee fresh with a coffee jar.

To view our range of sugar jars and tea & coffee jars, just click on an item listed above for further details.

Why not look at our range of mugs to make the perfect cuppa in!