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Stainless Steel Pan Sets

Everything you need in one go! From saucepan sets to frying pan sets.
Choose from a selection of quality stainless steel pan sets all at great prices, see above for further details.

Just starting out then Cube Homewares have the ideal starter cooking pan sets. Our student pan sets above come complete with frying pan, 2 saucepans, wok, bottle opener, corkscrew, chopping board and much more!

With our great value 5 and 10 piece cooking pan sets you have a choice of saucepans and stockpots to use for stews, pasta and sauces.

We have a variety of frying pans available. Griddle pans are ideal for pancakes or steaks and are considered a healthy option as they require only a minimal amount of fat or oil to cook food.

So buy one of our frying and saucepan sets above and get cooking!

Why not save time, hassle and cost and buy cookware securely online. Take a look at our cookware products; we’ve just added Aldo Zilli cookware to our range