Aldo Zilli

Aldo Zilli Cookware: bringing the professional touch of quality cookware to your kitchen.
Aldo Zilli is the founder of Londonís most exciting restaurant groups and is well known from his many guest TV appearances on top celebrity cooking shows, morning shows as well as hosting his own cooking programmes, showing his flamboyant but professional approach to cooking.

He first started out with his own restaurant in 1988 in Soho. The good word quickly spread and within five years a bar was added next door. Since then the Aldo Zilli brand has been continuingly expanding.

Aldo Zilli cookware epitomizes contemporary style and design and this range shows real contemporary Italian flair while meeting the needs of a working kitchen.

We will be shortly introducing the Aldo Zilli range of knives which are designed for professional use and feature heat resistant non-slip silicone handles, nicely laid out in a unique wooden knife block that keeps them safely stored and brings each piece easily to hand when needed.

Aldo Zilli saucepan and frying pan set shows professionally thought out design that enhances the cooking experience.

Take a look at our full range of Aldo Zilli pots and pans and Aldo Zilli cutlery.